NEC Protocol - NEC Dolby ProLogic Processor Remote

NEC-like Protocol - Eclipse Car Stereo Remote

Matsushita Protocol - Panasonic DVD Remote

Denon Protocol - Denon Dolby Digital Processor Remote

Sony Protocol - Sony DirecTV Satellite Receiver Remote

RCA Protocol - RCA DirecTV Satellite Receiver Remote

UELL Protocol - DirecTV Brand Satellite Receiver Remote

Philips RC-5 - Philips DVD (Universal Remote)

Philips RC-6 Protocol (16 bit) - Philips DirecTV Satellite Receiver Remote

Philips RC-6 Protocol (32 bit) - Microsoft MCE Remote

Bang & Olufsen protocol - Beo4
Note the 455 kHz carrier and pulse time that is just long enough for catpure with the IR Widget.
An LED must be used as the IR detector because a QSE157 is too slow.